OPERATION: Fresh Start

TransChance Health received an inquiry for assistance and resources from one of our partners to help a black trans teenage girl who is currently homeless. 

I knew we could do better than some website links. 

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Tanith Broom
The Malleable Self

"18 year old me got a tattoo proclaiming an identity that, at the time, was accurate. Let’s just say that things have since changed. I am not that person anymore, and that identity no longer fits me...

There are many things that I “was”: a Christian, straight-edge, a lesbian, female… I’ve left all these identities behind me at some point, as my perception of myself -- and the world around me -- changed."

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Spencer Clifton
The Privilege to Stop

The first shot of testosterone felt miraculous.

It shot through my thigh like fireworks in my veins, colors bouncing off the walls and spiraling into my body in a sparkling blaze... This was the best day of my life, soon to turn into the best weeks and months and years, all leading up to the point where I finally felt as male as I was....

Then, after a month of injections, I stopped.

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