OPERATION: Fresh Start


Hi Friends! 

It's Tanith here

TransChance Health received an inquiry for assistance and resources from one of our partners to help a black trans teenage girl who is currently homeless. (She is currently safe and housed via resources provided by an amazing community organization that will continue to work with her for as long as she needs.) 

The initial inquiry was asking for information/links or advice to pass along to her case worker to help her get better underwear to help her manage dysphoria and for padded bras (she is currently wearing 3 bras at a time). 

Well - I knew we could do better than some website links. 

TransChance Health's first official fundraiser is going to be on Friday, August 31st - we are going to be donating a portion of the money we take in from that event to *Artemis for a shopping trip with trans women to get some new clothes, makeup, bras and underwear, shoes etc... But we believe *Artemis deserves more than just a couple things.

We think she deserves the wardrobe and makeup foundations to feel fabulous and confident

All funds raised by donating on this campaign will be given to *Artemis for her new wardrobe and any money remaining will be hers to keep. 

This might not be the "thing" our organization does - but this is the right thing to do. 

Help us help *Artemis - she's an incredible girl - she should feel that way.

*We have changed her name for protection, privacy, and state/federal laws.  

Tanith Broom