Net Neutrality is a health issue. It's our issue.



Tech and the internet are not our specialty - health is.

Despite this, net neutrality is a core part of who we are. Our entire organization and the future of TransChance Health are built and depend on a free and open internet which can only be guaranteed by net neutrality.

Our “home office” is in Minneapolis. One of our co-founders is in Washington D.C. and we use video conferencing to host our board and planning meetings to ensure that everyone can participate. This means the internet allows us to have meetings from our couches because timing wouldn’t allow us to get together in person.

We’re working on building relationships with other organizations in Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and California. The internet is necessary to create and maintain these connections, and these allow us to make meaningful changes to content that is available to all. Not only is it a channel for communication, the importance of these alliances is fundamentally derived from the existence of the internet; it’s the very medium of meaning on which these connections are built.

Our website - which hosts the majority of our materials and serve as an access point to our trained advocates - will likely become prohibitively expensive to maintain and serve to the general public. What’s more, the app we are beginning to build - which will help trans patients and further trans medical research (to finally start bringing trans and gender non-binary healthcare out of the stone age) - will be impossible without net neutrality.

We aren’t alone in this. Nearly every single non-profit and organization doing important, grassroots work in the communities they serve is facing the same future - one where budgets and resources that are already stretched thin could be pushed to the breaking point. Many groups would likely have to fold altogether - we’re one of those groups.

Despite the FCC’s vote - it’s not over.

In Minnesota, where we’re registered, Attorney General Lori Swanson has yet to join the growing list of states (at this time the number is nearly 20) collectively pursuing legal action against the FCC. You can call her office - 651-296-3353 or send her an email at

We serve the entirety of the US - not just Minnesota and Washington D.C. - search to find out if your state’s attorney general is joining the lawsuit - if they haven’t - look up their office contact information and call, call, call - email, email, email.

Net Neutrality isn’t just about Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube. It’s about groups and organizations whose very existence is reliant upon an open internet. The only way they can continue to provide the services that millions of people across the US depend on - be it to access healthcare, defend themselves legally, find housing, get educated, survive, and thrive - is if we rise up together and join in the fight for fair and free internet for all.

Tanith Broom