WE'RE PRESENTING AT PHILLY TRANS WELLNESS.... (if we can get there...)

Hello, friends!

Tanith here! The infamous fearless leader of this little-nonprofit-that-could. Soon I'll be posting more regularly about about a lot of things - who we are, what we believe, reactions to all these crazy things going on in our world and how that affects our trans communities - but today I want to tell you about a really awesome thing that we're hopefully going to be doing and how you can help.

We had a talk accepted for the Philly Trans Wellness Conference, a huge national conference that runs from August 2nd to August 4th, where I’ll be presenting and I am hoping to bring one other board member with me. Since this is our first year in operation, we weren't expecting it AT ALL. This is such an honor and an incredible opportunity for us - we can't pass it up. But we might have to.

Full Disclosure: We are broke. Seriously, seriously broke.

It's not cheap to have a nonprofit - there's a reason why they're called "nonprofits". As a baby nonprofit, we’re still actively looking for grants, trying to get our fundraising off the ground, and figure out how to get our bigger programming projects - the services and research that so many in the trans community desperately need - started... and funded.  

We are currently funded out of our own pockets - pockets that can barely pay our own bills - but we've been able to make it work up to this point. Having a table at Pride was incredible; we were able to meet so many incredible people, tell them about what we do and our plans for the future, and their excitement was so inspiring. But the opportunities to reach out and connect that events like Pride provide are expensive, and as a board we are currently under some crushing personal financial pressures.

To make the dream of presenting in Philly and all the opportunities such exposure could offer, we’re going to need more than the total expenditures of our baby organization so far. Flights are $450 a person. Lodging for the conference is going to cost us upwards of $600. We are looking into alternative ways to have a place to lay our head (friends in Philly with couches, looking at you...).

The honest truth is - we aren't going to be able to go without help.

This conference is an incredible opportunity for us - not just to have the honor of presenting - but to make connections and friendships with other organizations and leaders in trans health, offer our assistance to participants, and to be able to get our name out into the world.

Any amount will help get us there. Your donation will also help to continue to provide the services and resources our organization was founded for and enable us to expand our programming to help more people in need.  

You can donate to us at our donorbox - and you can also send us money via paypal here.

As always - thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We wouldn’t have gotten here without it.

  • Tanith Broom, President & Co-founder

Tanith Broom