TransChance Health's

1st Birthday Variety Show Fundraiser

General Information & 

Performer Interest Form


TransChance Health is turning 1 & we'd love if you helped us celebrate! 

When: Friday, August 31st @ 7:00PM (7:00PM - 9:00PM)

Where: Lush - Minneapolis

Hello, fabulous friends! 

Some of you may know the founder of TransChance Health - Tanith Broom - either through their work with TCH... Or more likely through their glittery alter ego, Tovah Oz. 

TransChance Health will be hosting their first (!!!) fundraiser on August 31st - and we want to put on one helluva show. 

Limit per performer is 2 (two) acts, please! 

We are prioritizing trans and nonbinary performers, queer performers, especially indigenous, First Nations, Latinx, and people of color.* 

We will be compensating performers - between $50-75 OR providing receipts for donations-in-kind with valuations at $150-$250.*** 

In addition, we have some pretty nifty thank you bags for the performers being assembled :) 

*We are very aware of how white our organization is - and we are working hard to change that. We are actively seeking passionate PoC, indigenous, First Nations, and Latinx community members to join our executive board and leadership team. If you're interested, let us know!  


This is our first year as a nonprofit and we are funded entirely out of the pockets of Tanith, Jordan, and Niki at this time. We ABSOLUTELY believe in paying our performers - if you are able and willing to choose the donation-in-kind for payment it would really help ensure that the work we're doing at TransChance gets off the ground and enables us to better reach those who need our help most. It also helps us to grow so that at our fundraiser next year (or later this year!) we can pay those who perform with us more than what we can this year.  

If you're interested, please fill out the form below or follow this link and complete our interest form. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or message them on Facebook.